Man of the Moment?

Never underestimate the power of hatred. Loathing someone so much, can unite even those who don't flip over "each other" too much.

Hatred motivates you. It propels you. It drives you.

There's a lot of hatred in the Democratic National Convention and it’s focused on one man: George Bush (search).

I've heard him called stupid, inept and dangerous. And those are among the nicer comments!

But the fact that I'm hearing it from so many so often in this predictably so partisan gathering tells me John Kerry's going to have a tough time keeping the Bush-bashing frenzy from bubbling.

Again, don't dismiss hatred. Don't dismiss how it's unifying a party and focusing a ticket. It's strong enough to bury platform battles and all but quash demonstrations.

These notoriously pre-scripted affairs are more so here this year than most years. Because this year, these guys smell blood and revenge and victory.

There's a lot many here don't share. There are the mad-as-hell Democrats led by Howard Dean, who'd prefer to hear their party more anti-war. And there are just mad — but not mad as hell — Democrats led by people like Al Sharpton, who'd prefer to see their party more anti-Wall Street.

They don't like the Party's stand on all issues, but they are united on one issue: George Bush.

They hate him here and that's why they feel the love here.

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