Man in the Middle

I want you to look at something. I'm probably the only guy who notices things like this but look at this picture from the big Democratic National Committee Unity Dinner (search) rally Thursday in Washington.

The guy who wants to be president – Sen. John Kerry -- with two Democrats who "were" president: Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. And Al Gore too.

What the heck is John Edwards (search) doing?

He manages to crash a perfectly planned unity photo shot by muscling into the picture. Look at him! I think he took out five guys getting up there!

I mean, is it me, or is this Edwards guy pushing it?

All the other presidential candidates relegated themselves to the sidelines. There was Al Sharpton and Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt all dutifully playing second and third and fourth fiddles.

Not Edwards. He was right there with Kerry. Gosh, he looked like his running mate. Maybe that was the point.

But Sen. Edwards, may I offer a suggestion? Stop trying so hard. You're bordering on looking like a suck-up. And worse, a party crasher. You're Eddie Haskell in pinstripes!

You just ruined your party's money shot. And don't those guys know it.

No offense, Sen. Edwards, but you can kiss your running mate hopes goodbye. That one smarmy move will cost you.

Don't get me wrong. Bosses like to be sucked up to. They just don't like it when you make it so obvious.

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