Man Escapes From Police on a Scooter That Only Goes 8 Mph

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Gray-Haired Hell Raiser

For those of us who have lost faith in our law enforcement officials, here’s a story that will…confirm your beliefs. According to Gazettelive, citizens of Middlesbrough, England witnessed a heated low-speed chase this week. A senior citizen on a scooter managed to outrun and escape local police. The comical chase began when the aged automobilist caused dangerous traffic buildup while crawling down the fast lane of the town’s highway. When police attempted to pull the determined driver over, he became enraged and began shouting profanities. Putting the petal to the metal, the potty-mouthed pensioner veered into the roundabout at full speed, effectively disappearing from sight. Police said that the gentleman’s particular scooter model can reach up to 8 mph. Click here to read more on this story.

Biodegradable Babe

“Apparently she had put something in the bin that she hadn’t meant to…” yeah, herself!
That was fireman Mark Innes’ reaction after rescuing a 35-year-old woman from a large recycling bin in Kent, England. According to the Daily Record, the wafer-thin woman had intended to recycle some clothing, but changed her mind in the process. When the lanky lady tried to get them back, she fell into the bin and proceeded to get caught in the shoot! Rescue crews needed hydraulic cutting equipment to remove her from the receptacle. She sure has redefined what it means to be paper-thin! Click here to read more on this story.


Three-thousand books in a one-room apartment…for the love of god, or rather the love of books! Fifty-nine year old John Puchniak’s Wilkes-Barre home was seized by Pennsylvania authorities when a routine inspection found the home hazardous. According to, officials declared that the bookstore owner’s collection could cause a fire, and have since forced the octavo-obsessed man to downsize. Puchniak now resides in a hotel, tortured by the task of having to ‘kill his darlings.’ Let’s hope they all weren’t romance novels! Click here to read more on this story.

I had Parry Aftab come on my show today to talk about child predators on the Internet. Called the “leading expert on cyber-crime in the United States,” Ms. Aftab has made it her mission to stop online predators from luring children in. She in an Internet attorney and is doing all she can to stop these sex predators. If you would like to volunteer to help Ms. Abtaf in her efforts, please visit for more information.

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