One Texas man hates waiting rooms so much he tried to turn his local hospital into a drive-through.

Waxahachie resident Glenn Edward Whittington, 52, crashed his SUV through a wall and into the outpatient lobby at Baylor Medical Center last Wednesday, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The impatient patient was admitted to the hospital with minor injuries after smashing his Suburban into the waiting room, and was listed in good condition Friday afternoon, hospital spokeswoman Sheryl Sullivan told the paper.

Sullivan said no staff or patients were injured during the hospital's conversion to a drive-through.

Whittington told cops he meant to drive right into the building because he "wanted to see a doctor" — and even told officers he'd checked to be sure no one was inside the waiting area, Waxahachie Police Deputy Chief Brett Colston told The Morning News.

Colston told the paper several witnesses told police they saw the SUV circle the hospital several times before the incident.

The hospital drive-through wasn't Whittington's first crazy caper: He drove up to the Kennedy Memorial in downtown Dallas in a Rolls-Royce on May 28, 2005 — telling stunned cops he was considering harming himself with a Civil War-era sword.

The police took him down with a Taser gun and sent the touched Texan to Parkland Memorial Hospital for observation but filed no charges against him.

Day-to-day business at the hospital hasn't been affected, and repairs are under way, Sullivan said.

"We haven't yet determined a damage estimate, but it was not as extensive as it could have been," she told The Morning News.

Colston told the paper no charges were immediately filed.

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Mr. Moo Moo Thanks You for a Good Night's Rest

A new law in Norway requires farmers to be sure dairy cows get their beauty sleep on special rubber mats as of Jan. 1, according to Independent Online.

"These cows have never slept so good in their lives," public broadcaster NRK's reporter said after touring a farm sporting the new mats.

While many farmers are having a cow, the cost may be worth it: Several studies say cows that catch their Zs on soft mats pump out up to 10 percent more milk than non-mat moo moos.

The matted moo moos are supposedly also less likely to get sick or have problems with their joints.

Farmer Brede Austad was the moo-moo mat pioneer, and said a few years ago he regretted not "buying the mats earlier" in an interview with NRK.

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Mama Cow Shoots a Hole in One

Rabbit hunters in Sistersville, W.Va., had to save a mama cow's calf after she birthed it right into a hole, according to the Charleston Daily Mail.

"We ran up, expecting to find a calf with its leg stuck in the hole; but when we got there, there was just a wee little bit of its nose sticking up. When the mama would cry, the calf would answer her," R.J. Perine of Sistersville told the Daily Mail.

Perine said fellow hunter Coy Moffitt ran to the barn to get his uncle, Johnny Moffitt of New Martinsville, thinking he'd know what to do.

"I think the water had washed the hole out, making it bigger than a normal groundhog hole," Moffitt told the Daily Mail. "When I got there, I laid down flat on my stomach and reached into the hole with my arm extended. I couldn't even reach the calf with my hand."

Mama moo moo stood watching nearby as Moffitt started widening the hole around the caught calf.

"These cows aren't tame, by any means," Moffitt explained to the paper. "They won't come near when I go out to feed them. Yet, she stood just 10-15 yards away and let us do what we needed to do. One time she came closer, but it seemed she just wanted to see what we were doing."

Moffitt said it took him about 45 minutes to save the hole-in-one calf.

"Its legs were wobbly, and I began massaging its legs," he said. "Then I took it up to the mama, and she started cleaning it like she was supposed to do for her baby."

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Whoa, Dude, Dig This BMW

RAVENNA, Ohio (AP) — Matthew Mueller was facing a huge repair bill when he totaled the engine in his 1997 BMW. So he came up with a pretty low-down scheme: He buried the car.

Mueller rented a backhoe in October 2002 and buried the car on property owned by his father in rural northeast Ohio. Then he collected $20,000 from his insurance company by claiming it was stolen.

Police received tips last year and excavated the vehicle.

"It looked like pancake," said prosecutor Eugene Muldowney.

Mueller, 35, of Akron, was sentenced Tuesday to a year in prison for insurance fraud, tampering with evidence, falsification and receiving stolen property.

He apologized in Portage County Common Pleas Court and paid restitution to Progressive Insurance along with $15,500 to state officials for their costs digging up the vehicle.

"It was stupidity and completely out of character," he said. "I broke the law and I tried to conceal it."

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Cat Wins Congressional Meowdal of Honor

MANCHESTER, Pa. (AP) — A cat interrupted a catnap, possibly saving two lives.

Jean Poole and her 9-month-old granddaughter were dozing Tuesday in Poole's home in the Newberry Estates mobile home park. Poole's 7-year-old cat, Princess, woke them up, meowing loudly.

Poole got up, smelled smoke and heard crackling flames. She went to check the wood-burning stove in the living room, and saw flames at the picture window. With fire blocking the front door, Poole grabbed the baby and went out the rear door. Then she returned to get Princess.

"She woke me up. I don't know if I'd have smelled the smoke otherwise," Poole said.

Arriving firefighters found flames shooting through the roof.

Scott Glassmyer, assistant chief of the Newberry Township Fire Company, said the blaze apparently started accidentally in a trash can outside, ignited the underside of the mobile home, spread inside the siding and broke through to the interior.

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This Food Is So Good It's Spoooooooky!

MOSS BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Here's your chance to buy a restaurant with a view — and a ghost.

John Barbour is selling The Moss Beach Distillery, a speakeasy-turned-restaurant south of San Francisco.

He's retiring and said he hopes the new owners will continue to promote the legend of the Blue Lady. Supposedly, the woman died in a car crash more than 70 years ago after falling in love with a piano player there.

The ghost of the Blue Lady is said to snatch earrings and cause checkbooks to levitate.

Just in case customers don't see the lady on their own, the place has a trick mirror in the ladies' room that reveals a blue face and a recorded giggle.

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OK, That Was Fun, Now I'm Going to Sleep Until the End of Time

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — Students from Atlantic Coast Conference rivals Duke and North Carolina completed their 2 1/2-day basketball game Monday, finishing with an expected world record for the longest continuous game.

Duke won 3,688-3,444. The game began at 8 a.m. Saturday and ended at 6 p.m. Monday, marking 58 straight hours in Fetzer Gymnasium on the loser's Chapel Hill campus.

The 24 students from the two schools nearly doubled a pair of similar reported world records. The Guinness World Records' Web site listed the record as 30 hours, 12 minutes set in Nebraska in 2004. Game organizers said they were later informed by Guinness of a more recent record of 33 hours, 35 minutes, set in Germany last April. They passed both marks Sunday.

The students also competed to raise the most money for the Hoop Dreams Basketball Academy, a nonprofit that uses basketball to help improve the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses. Organizers said the marathon raised nearly $60,000, short of their $80,000 target.

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