Man Dead After Attack at Korn Concert

A man hospitalized on life support after being hit on the head during a concert featuring the heavy metal band Korn was pronounced brain dead.

Doctors at Grady Memorial Hospital kept Andy Richardson, 30, alive on Tuesday so recipients for his organs could be found.

Richardson was attacked at Sunday night's concert at the HiFi Buys Amphitheatre. He apparently got into a fight with two men who were in the mosh pit. Police say they have only a vague description of the two.

Richardson's mother, Gloria Richardson, is asking the men to turn themselves in to police.

"It's not right that someone could go a concert for a good time and wind up dead," she said. "I want justice. Those two people need to be caught."

Richardson's friend, Edgar Arellano, said one man hit Richardson on the head with his fist, knocking him headfirst onto the concrete.