A man accused of killing his estranged wife with a nail gun last month was arrested after spending five weeks in a hospital for nail gun wounds to his own chest and abdomen.

Nevada County Sheriff's deputies were waiting to arrest Richard Williams, 51, a landscaper from Grass Valley, when he was released Friday.

Williams had been hospitalized since Oct. 22, when authorities found him injured and his wife, teacher Hetty Williams, 48, dead from two nail-gun wounds to her head.

At the time, Nevada County Sheriff's Lt. Ron Smith said authorities found a suicide note in the home indicating Williams' estranged wife was seeing someone else. The note said the author, believed to be Richard Williams, wanted their bodies cremated and the ashes spread together, Smith said.

Law enforcement had been stationed outside Williams' hospital room 24 hours a day since his admittance, waiting for him to recover.

If he had been arrested immediately after the Oct. 22 incident, the county would have been at least partly responsible for costs associated with his health care, officials said.

Williams' arraignment is set for Monday.