Making Time to Say Thank You

If ever you have your doubts about this country, talk to the people who serve this country. People like the ones onboard this amazing ship, the USS Philippine Sea (search).

They're incredible men and women. After all they've been through, they smile and joke, kid and dream. They don't earn a lot of money, but they sure earn a lot of respect. They don't own much stock, but they sure have me taking stock. And they don't yap about things that make you rich, but live and breathe things that make you think.

Like duty and honor and country.

They do the heavy lifting, while the rest of us do the heavy talking.

While so many were protesting war, they were focusing on winning that war.

While some were burning flags, these guys were suiting up so they could.

While some were saying screw you, not once did any of these guys ask for even a simple thank you.

While we debated, they acted.

While we went back to our families, they lived for months, far away from their families.

While shows like mine focused on profits, these guys were focused on principles.

The freedom we hold dear but don't often talk about. The country we should hold even more dear but rarely brag about. These are the guys who should be boasting, but won't. These are the guys who should be bragging, but don't.

You know, I talk to a lot of CEOs and cabinet officials, senators and titans. But few mean as much, do as much, or come close to moving me as much as these men and women -- these heroes.

Leave it to a clueless business guy like me to realize on this ship, on this day, at this moment that the greatest among us are the ones who are always there for us.

Let's remember them: The ones still living and the ones now gone. This is their weekend, their moment.

I've had it with protesters who all but stuck a finger at them. For now, let's all do something far nobler and thank them.

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