Makeup Matters

Dear Viewers,

Monday night we will be on at 11 p.m. ET because President Bush (search) is speaking on television at 8 p.m. -- that will push all our prime time programming off by one hour. Of course that means lots of coffee throughout the day, since I have yet to come to terms with the fact that since I have arrived at Fox I am no longer a "morning person."

I suppose you all know that the president took a tumble on his bike this weekend and is a bit banged up. He has several scrapes on his face and his speech is going to be televised on Fox News Channel. I guess we will get to see just how good the makeup artists are at the White House! I am sympathetic in that when I had that infamous plastic surgery on my eyes two years ago, it was quite a task for the makeup artists to make sure I did not look like a domestic violence victim when I was on the air.

Some media outlets are reporting -- but we have yet to confirm it -- that Secretary Rumsfeld may be banning our troops from using cameras in Iraq. I am a bit distressed since I was having the troops send me photos -- great pics -- from Iraq that I have shown you at the end of the show. I am hoping to get around this somehow, since I love showing the many good things our troops are doing in Iraq. I have also received many e-mails from you saying how much you like the pictures showing the good things. If the troops can't use their digital cameras in Iraq, I can't get the pictures to show you on our show. I assume the pictures taken in the Iraqi prison was the catalyst for the decision, but it is now going to prevent me from getting you some good news!

We have some surprises planned this week for the show and I hope you will enjoy them. Here’s a hint: I will have to do one show this week from New York City and that is because it is "Fleet Week."


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