And now the most telling two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

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Weeks of Wonder
After weeks of accusations from the BBC and others that British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his communications chief "sexed up" pre-war intelligence to make Saddam Hussein appear more threatening, a parliamentary committee has now concluded that Blair and his government neither misled the public nor doctored evidence to justify the war in Iraq. But according to Reuters, the British Foreign Affairs Committee did criticize its government for including certain information in its report on Iraq that "did not warrant the prominence given to it."

Presidential Preference?
Does the Bush political team have a preference as to who they want the boss to face in 2004? Maybe so. According to The Washington Post , at a Fourth of July parade last Friday, presidential adviser Karl Rove (search) was heard cheering on a group of Democrats carrying Howard Dean (search) banners. The Dean folks weren't getting much response from the crowd so Rove started shouting, "Yeah, that's the one we want. Come on everybody!! Go Howard Dean!"

It Was Lost, Plane and Simple
Remember the Boeing 727 we told you about last month that was stolen in Angola and flown somewhere? African and U.S. authorities could not locate the 153-foot-long, 200,000-pound aircraft, and one Homeland Security Department spokesman said there was a "concern" the plane was stolen by terrorists to restage the Sept. 11 atrocities somewhere in Africa. Well, the plane was spotted. A Canadian pilot spotted the plane last week in Guinea's capital. Though the plane had been repainted and given a Guinean registration number, the Canadian pilot says the old registration number is still "clearly visible." London's Guardian, meanwhile, says that after last week's sighting, the plane was moved — and once again — no one seems to know where it went.

— FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report