Losing Our Guts?

So now they've come up with a pill that makes you thin, or at least won't make you hungry. It's all the buzz right now... a simple little pill that tricks your body into thinking it's not ravenous for Yodels. Frankly, I find that very hard to believe.

But docs swear by it. Just like we can take a pill to lower our cholesterol, or a certain blue pill to raise something else, it only stands to reason that we can attack the obesity problem in this country the same way.

No offense, but I'm not buying it.

Sadly, I've discovered there are no short cuts in life. The trouble with us humans is we're always trying to find them. We play the lotto to get rich quick, or try a high protein diet to lose weight quick. Some do win the lotto and some do drop a "lotto" pounds, but very few.

My only fear with this pill is that we'll all become reliant on a bottle to do something about our guts. And in the end it seems to me that we're losing our guts — our guts to exercise more and eat less.

That, in the end, is the cure for obesity in this country. Unfortunately, increasingly fewer of us try that in this country — myself included.

Now science offers hope for the lazy among us that we can literally have our cake — or Yodels — and eat it too.

Now if only they could find a pill to shrink large craniums. Then we'd be talking.

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