Looking the Other Way in the Presidential Flap

And now the most absorbing two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

Stock Sale Not Attracting Attention
A new poll indicates that most Americans are paying little attention to the flap over President Bush's sale of stock in an energy company of which he was a director a decade ago. A Gallup poll found only 12 percent of those surveyed said they were following the story very closely, with another 26 percent saying they were following it somewhat closely. Sixty-one percent said they were not following it closely. Thirty-nine percent thought the president had done anything unethical or illegal. That compared to the 91 percent who felt that way about Enron executives and 75 percent who thought that about the Clinton pardons.

Terrorists Setting Up Shop in Seattle?
There's now a major investigation into a group of suspected terrorists based in Seattle thought to have been trying to set up a training camp in the Pacific Northwest. And the Seattle Times reports that the crucial tip in the case came from a British Taliban fighter being held by the United States at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The paper says the prisoner told CIA questioners that he had traveled from Afghanistan to London two years ago with an American Muslim now suspected of being a key figure in a Seattle-based Al Qaeda cell. And he said he also met a Swedish citizen in Afghanistan, who said he had been in the United States three years ago to scout locations for a possible Al Qaeda training site.

Captives Have It Their Way at Camp X-Ray?
Meanwhile, the treatment of those captives at Guantanamo has been found humane by none other than Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who was an early critic of the detainments there, even suggesting at one point that they amounted to racial profiling. Now Democrat Jackson Lee, having visited Camp X-Ray, says the captives have air-conditioned temporary buildings and a diet consistent with their religious beliefs. Indeed, she says they have better facilities than the U.S. troops who are there to guard them, who she says do not have full air conditioning or even consistent hot and cold water.

Her Hubby Wants To Be a Man
Finally, this from San Francisco where the ousted chief of elections, Tammy Haygood, is fighting to be reinstated in her job. The reason, according to the San Francisco Chronicle,  is that she needs city health benefits for her husband, who used to be a woman, but is now in the middle of a sex change, has had the operation but still needs continuing treatment.