Looking for Miracles

What if you could be God for a day, or a week? What would you do? How would you act? Who would you help?

It's a pretty interesting question and pretty much the premise for this past weekend's huge runaway Jim Carrey flick, Bruce Almighty (search). It’s the story of a guy given a shot at being The Almighty after he's had it with The Almighty.

For those of you who haven't seen the movie, I won't give it away.

But I liked the premise -- and yes -- I really liked the preachy, schmaltzy and uplifting ending that critics are panning.

To me, Morgan Freeman played a pretty good God. Unconventional. Irreverent. And to some stern religious groups, maybe even blasphemous. But not to me.

One line in the movie stuck with me. When Freeman's God laments all those who pray for miracles, when the real miracles lie within and everyday miracles are all around us.

Like the single mom working two jobs, who still finds time to take her kid to a soccer game -- that's a miracle.

It's about not looking up, but looking in. And it's about free will.

God can't make us do anything. Only we can do that. Jim Carrey discovered that. And a nation that plunked down more than $80 million to see this flick, apparently appreciated that -- with a little bit of raw humor and some jazzy special effects thrown in.

The message wasn't gospel. But it was truthful. Whether movie critics appreciate it, or not.

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