Long March Continues for Democrats

After Pennsylvania, the long march continues for the Democrats. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Right now Senators Obama and Clinton are basically tied, which is truly amazing after all the campaigning. Obama has a slight lead in delegates; Clinton has a slight advantage in momentum. So what happens going forward?

Well, since the two agree on pretty much all the issues more debating won't accomplish much, unless they sling mud at each other. And the Democratic Party's most powerful media arm — The New York Times — scolded Hillary Clinton today for going negative on Obama.

The Times is not in the tank for Obama, but it recognizes the damage being done to the Democratic Party itself. And since The New York Times is in business primarily to promote that party to power, it wants no internal warfare. Good luck with that.

It will be interesting to see how the pro-Obama media tries to reignite Senator Obama's candidacy. For example, NBC News has pretty much set itself up as Obama headquarters and now must figure out a way to help him. We'll let you know what they come up with it.

The candidates themselves are exhausted and out of bullets. What is left to say? Pretty soon we'll be down to who has the best haircut.

"Talking Points" is tired, too, but understands the importance of the situation. America is not in great shape right now, and honest, creative leadership is vital.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have big negatives, but both have shown pluck and determination. The only thing that separates them is personality and style, and those things are not likely to change.

So it's a tie, and will likely stay that way until the convention in August. I could be wrong because there are a few more primaries left, but I see chaos rather than clarity for the Democrats.

Somewhere right this minute, John McCain is smiling.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

I am getting some mail asking about my clothing — some viewers like it — and I am proud that we get our stuff from American designers and tailors.

John Daniel located in Knoxville, Tennessee, makes our suits. Eat your heart out, Savile Row. And Skip Gambert located in New Jersey custom makes the shirts. Take that, Oleg Cassini.

Both companies are as good as anybody in the world, and are patriots to boot.

On the pinhead front, this Bud's for you, Richie Sambora.

The Bon Jovi guitarist has been convicted of DUI in California, and he had his 10-year-old daughter Ava in the car at the time. Heather Locklear is Ava's mom.

Anyway, Sambora is a pinhead and must serve three years probation. But if there's a next time, he should go to prison.

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