Links to Webcams Around the World

Click on the links below to visit live Webcams. Some of the sites require refreshing to advance the images, while others provide a steady video stream.

Swiss Alps — great live image (center of page) and archived shots

Old Faithful — Time it just right and you'll get a great shot from Yellowstone

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman — if you're frozen in the Midwest or Northeast, prepare to be depressed... very depressed, courtesy of Phillip Terzo

Positano, Italy — INCREDIBLE images, submitted by Gina Paz

Mt. Foraker, Mt. Hunter, Mt. McKinley — Three of North America's highest peaks, courtesy of John Sullivan and Talkeetna Air Taxi

Pismo Beach, California — view from the historic PB Hotel

Paris — another wonderful cam, submitted by Rick and Cindy Earnest

Click here for a view of The Panama Canal.

From California, here are live images from Ventura Beach.

Diyarbakir, Turkey and a link to a variety of live images from cams in Turkey.

Elsewhere, check out the Great Pyramids of Giza;

Here are some links for Times Square, New York City ... check out this view from atop the Morgan Stanley building; this is from the roof of the Doubletree hotel; this is a ground-level shot from Charley O's; here's a bit of blatant self promoting look at the jumbo screen; and, get up close and personal, if you dare, with the good folks near the Hawaiian Tropic Zone.

Here are some other cams around the world:

Auckland, New Zealand

New Caledonia, Noumea Harbor

SYDNEY HARBOR — Good stuff!


Hong Kong


Thailand — Great beach shots, too.


Damascus — image refreshes, but it's sporadic


Haifa — at Kites Beach

Cesarea, Israel — nice beach shot

Cape Town

The Great Pyramids — OH, this is SOOO good!

Isle of Reunion

Moscow 1

Moscow 2




Monte Carlo

San Marino



Skiing in Spain



Algarve, Portugal — incredible!



... and more to come.

Click on the link below to be connected to Dawn TV and live streaming of their coverage from Pakistan of the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto:

Dawn TV

Click on a link below to be redirected to a cool Webcam. This page will update regularly so check back for the latest links:

Trainspotting in the Netherlands — How cool is this?! Submitted by Cheesehead Ken H. of Wisconsin...

Tenerife Island — Oh, someone take me there! Beautiful! Submitted by Wendy Creasey

Monterey Bay Aquarium — Very cool, and a great Web site, too... submitted by Jaimie!

Mashatu Game Reserve — Life images from another incredible African safari site, courtesy of National Geographic and submitted by Christine Powell and her kids.

Central Park — Live images of New York City's playground, courtesy of WABC-TV, Channel 7

Gilgo Beach — Live images from Long Island surfing mecca

Centennial Light — That's right, a Webcam dedicated to a light bulb! But not just ANY bulb. Viewer Megan Page points out that this one's been burning since 1901!

African Safari — Hypnotizing — over there, I see something! — live images of wildlife, submitted by Candice Smith

Giant Ocean Tank — New England Aquarium in Boston, submitted by "Sue in Michigan (a FOX News addict)" who also sent us...

Yangshuo — South central China... thanks, again, Sue!

San Francisco Bay and skyline — I left my heart with these great images, submitted by Vance Kozik, who also submitted these:

Ossipee Lake — New Hampshire

Niagara Falls — From the Ontario side

Balboa Bay Ferry — Keep hitting refresh

South Pole — U.S. Antarctic Program's camera at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Mt. Everest — 360-degree image (not live) taken from atop world's highest peak

Old Faithful — Latest images from Yellowstone

Mauna Kea — Images from summit

Mt. Vesuvius — Live images from Italy's most famous active volcano

Mt. Fuji — Live image of Japan's most famous mountain volcano

Giza Pyramids — Live images from Egypt

Vladivostok — Live images from Russia's Pacific port city

St. Peter's Basilica — Live images from Vatican City

Paris — Multiple cameras giving live images from the City of Lights

London — Oxford Street, the heart of London's shopping district

Tallinn — Click on CITY CAM and see way cool live and archived images from Estonia's way cool capital, submitted by "Patty, an American in Tallinn"

Panama Canal — Great shots of the locks, shipping, submitted by Daniel McLoughlin

Mt. Wilson — Beautiful panorama shots from California observatory, submitted by Raul Briggs

Santorini — Lovely images from one of the most beautiful Greek islands, submitted by Andrew Pateras

Sharm el-Sheikh — Or just "Sharm," live images from coastal city on southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, submitted by "Chris"

Avalon Pier — Nice shots of Atlantic from Kill Devil Hills, N.C., submitted by Erin Hladik

Waikiki — Live images AND song from Hawaii — pass the poi! — submitted by viewer "Roni"

Novosibirsk — Live images from Russia's third largest city; viewer reports domed building is opera house, submitted by J.Brent Moore

Lake Michigan — Live image from Holland, Michigan, submitted by Kimberlee VanHeulen, who was nice enought to also sent us these:

Yavapai Point, Grand Canyon National Park

Taos Mountain, New Mexico

Salmon, Idaho — WOW!

Swiss Alps — Incredible live and archived images

Mt. Washington — EXCELLENT live images from summit of New Hampshire peak, submitted by JRHorton

Mount St. Helens — Live images from USDA Forest Service cameras (but weather could hinder viewing) submitted by Cathie Metz

Boothbay Harbor — Beautiful Maine vacation spot, submitted by Vincent Mathews

Grand Cayman — Live images of good times at the beach in Georgetown, submitted by Amy Miller

Western Wall — EXCELLENT live images of the "Wailing Wall" in Jerusalem, submitted by K. Macer

Rocky Mountain National Park — Live image of Longs Peak, submitted by Donna Layne

Alaska — Live image from Fairbanks, submitted by Jeff DeWitt

Pikes Peak — Live image from Colorado Springs natural wonder ("America the Beautiful"), submitted by Gwen Ingram; and this image of Pikes Peak from Springs, submitted by R. Popescu

Port Canaveral — Live images from south Florida,with camera controls, submitted by "islander"

Soo Locks — Live images from Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., submitted by Kevin Much, salvaged by "Sue"

Costa Maya — Changing still images from resort in Mexico, submitted by Wayne Jonosky

Prague — Live images from Old Town Square, submitted by Jody Page, who says the twin spires are Our Lady of Tyn Church and the white domed building is Saint Nicholas Church (can take a LONG time to load, though)

Mammoth Mountain — Live images from eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, submitted by Vicki Siamas

Littleton, Colorado — Live images from the "Copula Cam," submitted by Chris Harguth

Boca Raton — Live images from South Beach Park, submitted by Andy Engle

Port St. Charles — Fine looking Barbados resort, submitted by Michael Wyatt, who also sent in this link to a bunch of Key West, Fla., cams, just make sure you have ActiveX:

Florida Keys — be sure to click on the bar cams and watch people acting like their having a good time (and you get to listen to the band without having to pay the cover)

San Juan Islands — Washington State, submitted by staff.

Sekiu, Washington — FINALLY, we should have the right link up there, courtesy of our FOXNews friend Sandy. Thanks for you patience!

Mt. Rushmore — A couple of links here, one that says it refreshes often but I'm looking at it at 11:20 p.m. EST and the sun is shining, so you decide... submitted by Shane Penfield; the other is a state department of tourism camera that works... then doesn't, but give it a try. Thanks, Shane!

Virginia City, Nevada — ah, I remember my '60s Westerns and the ol' "stagecoach from Virginia City," submitted by Jacquie Obos

Maui — Another "please take me" destination, as I write this with a nor'easter pounding the rooftop... submitted by Rob Latzko

Sawtooth Mountain, Idaho — Finally, someplace that looks like it really is having winter... submitted by Dave Stewart

Empire State Building — Once you register you're treated to some great live images from atop the most famous building in the world, sans Kong... submitted by staff, along with these:

Statue of Liberty

Ground Zero

United Nations headquarters

Here are some airport cams, since they've been among the most requested:

JFK Tower (and this link isn't a Webcam, but it's a sweet look at JFK radar — following the planes!)





The "Saentis" in Switzerland

Vienna — I love this cam... good controls

Zurich — An even BETTER cam, with even BETTER controls. The CLICK HERE for panorama shots, all courtesy of Wilfried Wiher

Please email with reports of broken links or suggested Webcams to add to this list. The response has been overwhelming, so keep the suggestions coming. Not all submitted links will be posted, and links that are slow to load will not be included. Please check the link before submitting to be sure it still loads properly. Submissions will be published with names, unless you request to remain anonymous. Thanks!