Lindsay Lohan Pokes Fun at Her Personal Life With Fake eHarmony Ad

Lindsay Lohan is making light of the recent problems in her personal life by creating a fake eHarmony ad for the comedy Web site

In the ad, Lohan introduces herself as “recently single … I think,” referring to her recent split with Samantha Ronson, which she tearfully described as “humiliating” to Us magazine last week.

But does the video accomplish what Lohan intended, or is it simply a sad reminder of a talented actress whose star continues to be on the decline?

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Appearing to read from cue cards, she says “I’m looking for someone I can spend the rest of my life with … or at least the rest of my probation.”

The actress, 22, says that contrary to reports, she is “not broke,” and has “over $400 in the bank and 20,000 Marlboro miles.”

Also poking fun at her DUI arrests, she describes herself as a “workaholic, a shopaholic and, according to the state of California, an alcoholic.” She adds that she is looking for a suitor who like a night out on the town as long as they are willing to drive, loves car chases on the PCH and someone who can handle a “redhead with a little bit of sass, and by that I mean a redhead that’s crazy.”

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