Lindsay Lohan Is Alive and Well

Lindsay Lohan Is Alive and Well | Jacko Conspiracy Theory Born Again

Lindsay Lohan Is Alive and Well

This may come as a shock to you, dear readers, but Lindsay Lohan is alive and well.

I ran into the 19-year-old star of film and supermarket tabloids last night in Hollywood, and frankly, she’s never looked better.

If she’s got a secret drug or drinking problem, then give her the Oscar now. Because if that’s the case, she’s doing a great job of acting.

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But I think not. Lindsay, the only member of the Star/Us Weekly crowd with a future in acting, looked positively jaunty wearing a little hat when I saw her at L.A.’s hot new club Hyde.

This is a place — believe it or not — where young people in the business come to talk and eat chocolate-chip cookies.

There’s dancing, too, mostly to music from the 1970s and '80s. Last night the crowd was grooving to “Come on Eileen” and “Kids in America.”

Hyde is kind of a relief, I think, for Hollywood’s young hotties. It’s like being in a rich person’s really cool den.

Nicole Richie, the Olsen twins and members of Maroon 5 made the scene last night, and that was supposed to be a quiet evening.

I also ran into the slightly older and very good actor Troy Garity, son of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden, with his beautiful girlfriend, Simone Bent. They just hosted a fundraiser for Homies Unidos, a new foundation dedicated to ending gang violence. Meanwhile, Troy is sifting through scripts, looking for his next film.

As for Richie and the Olsens, yes, they are very thin. I hope they’ve tried the hot and delicious baked cookies served up at Hyde.

And Lindsay? She’s in love with Harry Morton, son of Hard Rock Café founder Peter Morton and grandson of Arnie , he of Morton’s steak houses.

Even though Lindsay was chastised last week by her “Georgia Rule” producer James Robinson, it doesn’t seem like it could be for anything other than having her head in the clouds. When I saw her just after midnight, she was carrying a bottle of ... water.

“I’m working hard,” she said of “Georgia Rule.”

And she’s enjoying taking direction from Garry Marshall. She’s also getting a lot of advice and support from stars Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman .

And here’s a little scoop about our favorite desperate housewife: She goes topless in the film.

So let’s stop worrying about Lohan self-destructing or getting fired. She’s doing just fine, thanks. We should all have her problems.

And by the way, did I mention that she’s 20? We’re going to be hearing a lot from Lindsay Lohan over the next 20 years. Brace yourselves.

Jacko Conspiracy Theory Born Again

Did a group of advisers conspire to put Michael Jackson into involuntary bankruptcy? Jackson’s publicist and general manager, Raymone Bain, says so.

Bain says that a flood of new documents released to her and Jackson are explicit about this occurring. She won’t name names, but she says that the culprits are mostly lawyers and that some kind of action will be taken.

At this point the public probably doesn’t take Jackson seriously when it comes to these situations. He's something like the boy who cried llama.

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But in all seriousness, Jackson — apart from his personal problems — has been victimized over the years by a series of unscrupulous advisers who happily took advantage of him. I’ve described this numerous times in this column.

Jackson’s lack of judgment, not to mention mental coherence, has led him into agreements with any number of malevolent, greedy and avaricious types who have played on the pop star’s weaknesses.

Is there really a document that lays out such a plan? We may see it in the next few days.

If anything, it was likely cooked up by impatient creditors, many of whom are attorneys still unpaid for hundreds of hours of work.

However, some of these people may have been operating without retainer agreements or even authority.

I am specifically thinking of Jackson’s self-appointed spokesman, Brian Oxman, who recently claimed through a lawsuit filed by attorney Brent Ayscough that he was owed $1.5 million in back fees.

Both insiders close to Jackson as well as observers got a good laugh out of this. Oxman may think of himself as a retained attorney, but he never was, and to make a claim of so much money owed is highly laughable.

If anything, he owes Jackson for letting him trade on the singer’s name for so long.