Like Father, Like Son

Peter Doocy here, Steve Doocy (search) of course being both my father, and my ride to work everyday. Take a look at my photo in the photo gallery, with Curt Schilling.

See, for the last week, I’ve been working as an intern with the "FOX & Friends" staff. I figured it would be a fun way to gain some work experience during my summer vacation, and besides, what 17-year-old doesn’t want to wake up at 3:30 in the morning every day for a week?

Anyways, after five whole days at FOX, I’ve seen enough crazy stuff to fill up an entire Friday blog. Here’s a recap:

My week as an intern began in the green room on Monday. My duties entailed greeting guests as they arrive, and making sure they stay comfortable before and after their segments. It also involves the great responsibility of trekking to the street vendor outside the studio to get Juliet’s ice coffee after Brian messes up the drink order, because it’s convenient and about three times cheaper than Starbucks.

Tuesday I worked with a writer named Steve, no relation to my Dad and now fully understand the creative process involved in making up the news everyday. And already aware that the anchors tend to joke about the fact that often “sports is dead,” the sports writers tend to get a little emotional. Maybe Brian should just announce that the "sports writers are dead." There's a lot of talking to the TV in the writing pod, if you know what I mean.

Wednesday, I was in the control room learning how to answer phones and was fascinated to find out that none of the producers, or directors really care about my father’s forecast, they instead choose to devote much of their attention to the weather girl from the local Miami affiliate and I’m sure its because she is far more attractive… I mean accurate.

Thursday brought a morning of video editing and script running. In the spirit of the Olympic games, it was more of a script decathlon, but the only torch involved was the contraption that they use to give my Dad his makeup.

Friday, I screened phone calls after I did the sports with Brian. I was offered a full time job by FOX News management, but declined the offer, because Brian needs the job and I don't need the money — I'm mooching off my parents.

In conclusion, it was a great week, I enjoyed it all... except when I was screening phone calls and that guy from Louisiana talked dirty to me.

Peter Doocy

"FOX & Friends" Class of 2004

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