Lights Out for the U.N.

Well this week, I was reminded of why I think the United Nations ought to be sawed off from the eastern shore of Manhattan and allowed to drift into the East River and then land on whatever country wishes to pay for its upkeep. It's little more than a rathole where we throw significant amounts of your tax dollars in an institution that if turned into gasoline wouldn't be enough to power a Vespa Scooter half way around an English pea.

Now to allow “Mahmoud Achma-nutjob”, the mad as a hatter doofus the opportunity to stand in New York City and trample the innocent blood of the murdered victims of 9-11 by alleging that the toppling of the Twin Towers was actually carried out by the United States government. Well that’s proof positive that it's time to turn out the lights and turn off the spigots that fund that foolish forum.

Here's an irony-this weekend marks the end to the self-imposed freeze on Israeli citizens building or expanding their homes on their own property. Over the past year, the Obama administration has been very vocal and outspoken in demanding that Israel stop building bedrooms in their own land. We haven't been nearly so vocal in demanding that Iran stop building bombs---nuclear bombs-that might be used to annihilate Israel or the United States.

To their credit, the US delegation walked out of “Achma-nutjob's” spewing speech, but that's not enough. We need to walk out of an organization that would host a reckless ranting that insults the integrity of our nation and its people. Israel has been our friend and we lecture them for where they build their neighborhoods; Iran's leadership has built a nuclear facility and they deny the Holocaust, and all we've done is send them a strongly worded letter.

That's it? A strongly worded letter? If other nations are getting something out of the UN, let them pay for it. We shouldn't pay millions of dollars to provide a platform for unshaven and uninformed idiots to rail against America.

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