Life Has Changed

So you've heard the news.

Starting today, when you get to the airport, it's going to be even more annoying.

All luggage will be searched, or at least could be — anyone's, anytime.

Which could — and likely will — mean even longer waits and even more frustrated travelers.

Annoying. Frustrating. Maddening.

But you know what? I can live with it. Mainly because I want to live.

Trust me, I don't like indifferent guards rifling through my stuff or telling me to take off my shoes. But if I had a choice between that and some nut getting on a plane, I'll take the wait.

Life has changed, my friends. And anyone who tells you it will get back to the way it was, is giving you a line. Unless they're telling you about lines — long lines. You'll still have them.

But again, I say OK. Because I'd rather be inconvenienced and alive, than conveniently dead.

Friends in Israel tell me that's just the way it is over there.

Now I understand that's just the way it is, over here.

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