Life, Family and Faith

What do Hurricane Dennis (search) and the tragic events in London (search) have in common?

Actually, not much, save this: They focus us on the basics. Like living and breathing and surviving.

The basics of life.

Hard as it is to be jolted by such events, I think there can be some value in these events. Not only because they get our priorities right, but they make us focus less on the things that are wrong.

I remember years back hearing from a family whose brand new home was totally destroyed by a hurricane.

It was their dream home — built to exacting specifications — down to a great playroom for the kids and a tinkerer's garage for the dad.

Wiped out. Gone. Demolished.

The dad, visibly upset when talking to reporters, sounded like none of that mattered:

"I got my kids. I got my wife. I'm ok."

Then they walked off, all of them holding hands, examining the rubble of what was once their dream home.

During times like these, of man-made and not-so-man-made disasters, leave it to guys like that incredible dad to put what's important in perspective: life, family and faith.

If you've got those, you've already got it made.

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