What's wrong with the far left libs?

They seem to be going through a hysterical meltdown Tuesday over the vote on Samuel Alito and a few other things.

One of the more cranky blue blogs went on a profanity-laced, flame-tongued screed Tuesday morning decrying the confirmation of Judge Alito and referring to Democrats who voted to end the phony and doomed to failure filibuster as "Vichy Democrats."

Vichy refers to Nazi collaborators, of course.

This name-brand Dem blog was calling for the heads of 19 Democratic senators, including Jay Rockefeller and Bobby Byrd.

"I'm done with them ... they are dead to me," the blog posted to the huzzahs of its many e-mailing liberal fans.

By the way, this is the same blog where Sen. Kerry announced his demand for a filibuster on Alito while he was still sipping hot chocolate in the Alps.

The hissy fit from the left over Alito has not been confined to the blogs.

The left's favorite gold star mother, Cindy Sheehan, was threatening to go after California's Dianne Feinstein unless she voted to filibuster Alito. While giving Hugo Chavez a hug at the World Social Conference in Venezuela, Sheehan said the California senator, lib as lib comes, was in fact "a Republican in Democrat clothing."

Then there's Howard Dean who told Chris Wallace on Sunday that any Democrat who seemed to be connected in any way to Jack Abramoff Indian tribes was in trouble, which seems to mean that Dean is picking a fight with Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

Not to mention that Howard Dean seems to have spent all the Democrats' money, and they go into the '06 congressional campaigns with only $5 million in the bank while the Republicans have stashed $35 million.

With all the troubles the Republicans have — lobbyist scandal, the president's numbers underwater — you would think the Dems would be in clover. But they always invent a new way to shoot themselves in the foot.

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