Letters to the Troops

With all of the squabbling that has been going on in Washington over the war in Iraq, I've been concerned that our troops might be getting the wrong idea about where real-life, everyday, hard-working Americans are these days. So in our question of the day we asked: What message do you want to send to our troops?

We have had big responses before, but this time we were so overwhelmed with responses that we actually crashed the FOX e-mail server.

Over the course of the next few days I will be posting some of your letters to the troops and then we will be looking for some appropriate place to send all of them, so our men and women in the military can read them. So here now -- your messages to the troops:

E-mail No. 1:

You guys are the greatest! While the partisan bickering and jockeying for position is going on back here, you guys remain shining examples of America at its best! (And one of the few reasons I’m still proud to call myself an American). God bless and keep you all. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.
Patti Garrison
Ephrata, Washington

E-mail No 2:

As an American, I am very aware of what freedom means. This country truly is "Land of the Free," because of the brave. I would like to thank the troops for allowing me to sleep soundly at night without a worry. I would like to thank them for being able to sip my coffee in the morning and walk out the door without fear. We have freedoms that we truly take for granted. I often think about what life would be like if Al Qaeda would have taken over.
I believe that due to the troops efforts, I can truly enjoy being at peace and having the liberty to do what I want, when I want (within guidelines of the law). I am thankful for their sacrifices. I know how difficult it must be, being so far from home, especially during the holidays. Troops, you are truly appreciated and your efforts are not taken for granted. Have as Merry of a Christmas as you possibly can.
Lynn Estabillo, Proud Army Wife
Fort Carson, Colorado

E-mail No. 3:

We are proud of you and your mission in Iraq. President Bush is committed and so are we, the people. Don't even think that this will be another Vietnam. Our leaders are smarter than that. My son was an Airborne Ranger during the first Gulf War. I know what a sacrifice young men and women are making today. It is hard to be away from your loved ones, especially during this holiday season. Keep up the good fight, work with our newfound friends in Iraq to rebuild their country and establish a democracy. When the Iraqi troops are trained and able to keep their country safe, you will come home and you should hold your heads up high; be proud of the mission you have accomplished. You have kept the USA safe and helped to establish peace in a country that has not known what that feels like. God Bless, and stay the course.
Janet Athanas
Bethel, Alaska

E-mail No. 4:

I would tell our troops THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME CHRISTMAS PRESENT you have given America and the world. You've taken millions of children slated to be future terrorists, and turned their lives around. You have erased the next generation of terrorists that would have come from Iraq and Afghanistan who were being taught in their state run schools to hate America. Anyone who says we are not safer, after our troops have laid their lives on the line for this excellent cause, is blind. They owe our troops and our president an apology and a debt of gratitude. This awesome gift to America couldn't have happened without a plan, without someone with greater wisdom than the mealy mouthed men we see criticizing every move made to accomplish this, in charge. THANK YOU FOR MAKING US SAFER!
Unice Weeks
Atlanta, Georgia

E-mail No. 5:

I am a Korean era veteran and I would like our troops in Iraq to know how much I personally admire them all for their service to our country. I take such great pride in having served in the military and I thank them all for their courage and dedication in such a brutal but necessary war.
Roy Reeves
Scottsdale, Arizona

E-mail No. 6:

I am SO PROUD of each and every one of YOU!!!! Please know that MANY of us Support you and our President. I pray for you to be able to continue to completion the outstanding job you started. I know you will see it through SUCCESSFULLY and VICTORIOUSLY!!!!
AMERICANS DON'T QUIT! AMERICANS DON'T WHINE!!!! We do what has to be done to make this world safer for all mankind. We do it ALL the way..........not half way!!!
THANK YOU!! Thank you for your sacrifice of being away from friends and family. Thank you for taking this time out of your lives to serve America!!!! You are SPECIAL and HONORABLE Men and Women!!!
God bless you and keep you!!!
Ginger Williamson
Ridgeland, Mississippi

E-mail No. 7:

I recently returned from a tour in Al Anbar province and the whole time I was there the one thing that really rallied morale was when the American public would send clear messages of support. This is shown in letters, post cards, care packages and editorials that that clearly state...WE APPRECIATE WHAT YOU ARE DOING...WE UNDERSTAND YOUR SACRIFICE...RETURN HOME SAFE...WE LOVE YOU.
The debating on whether we should pull out or not...DOESN'T AFFECT MILITARY TROOPS IN COMBAT! WE
HMC Steele
Kenosha, Wisconsin

E-mail No. 8:

One of the greatest responsibilities we have as citizens of the most powerful nation in the word is to honor our country in everything we do. It sickens me to hear politicians imply we cannot win this war.
We can, and will, win this war...and it is because of people like you.
Thanks to your commitment to the honor of our country!!
Please continue to honor it during your tour of duty in Iraq.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

E-mail No. 9:

Thank you does not convey depth of my feelings for what each and every one of you is doing. You are the true heroes of our country. Your service and commitment to our country and the world should be praised by everyone. Do not let the liberal media, who, in my opinion, are traitors by giving aide to the enemy demoralize you. You are one of the reasons I am proud to be an American.
My Christmas wish for each of you is that your work in Iraq will soon end and you will be able to come home and be with your loved ones.
Good Bless and keep you all.
Cheryl Smith
Oakridge, Oregon

E-mail No. 10:

I want to thank the troops for all that they do and all they have sacrificed for our country. As I go about my day and think of my family safe and free in America I say a prayer of thanks to them. As I sit in my church on Sunday morning I say a prayer for the troops for giving us the right to attend any place of worship of our choice and I say a prayer for them. As I kiss my family goodnight I say a prayer for the troops and their families. I pray that they are kept safe and reunited with their families soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Beth Bowman
Grass Valley, California

E-mail No. 11:

My message: Don't listen to the morons that continually whine and criticize. You are doing a GREAT job in a noble and worthwhile cause. We will prevail in this effort and the entire world will be better off tomorrow because of what you are doing today. Success in Iraq will show the world that it could happen for them as well. You are the very best the USA has! Always remember that we love and support you all!

E-mail No. 12:

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to send a message to the troops in uniform.
I am humbled and appreciate the troops and their families for their sacrifice to be in service of their country and the world in this war on terrorism. May God continue to keep them save from harm. I am proud for their service and stand beside them in this most important time in history.
God bless their troops and their families.
Thanking you again.
George L. Oliver
Pearland, Texas

E-mail No. 13:

If I could give a message to our troops serving in this war on terror, I would tell them that America stands behind them 100 percent, no matter what the politicians may say in the media.
Jason Johnson

E-mail No. 14:

I am behind you a hundred percent and have never had a doubt you could accomplishment whatever mission is asked of you, if the country stands behind you and doesn't "go wobbly", and I will do everything I can to stop our politicians from playing with your lives and the lives of those you are fighting just so they can gain more power in Congress and the Senate.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to write and to watch. More to come in the days ahead.


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Brian Wilson is a congressional correspondent for FOX News and anchor of the Sunday edition of "Weekend Live."