Let's Talk About Terror in Britain...

In the "Talking Points Memo" tonight, this time authored by the guest host, me, let's talk about terror in Britain.

Just a few short weeks ago, the United States convicted an Islamist imam in Virginia for a brand of hate speech, which recruits young men to jihadis and particularly to be jihadis against Americans. He will serve the rest of his life in jail. Good riddance.

That's the law here. If you're a fire brand imam preaching in a mosque in America, you better watch your mouth. If you preach hate, and you try to recruit terrorists to go bomb Americans, whether they're in Baghdad or New York, you can go to jail for the rest of your life.

Now the Brits really inspirational response to the terror bombings is great. Very admirable. I just love the way the Brit cops ran down that guy on the subway, tackled him, and shot him dead.

Not all the information is in, but it will be especially important that that dead man turns out to be connected to the terror cell.

But the problem the Brits has is they can't bring themselves to really crack down on the militant imams who live in Britain and use their free speech rights to preach hate and jihad. These are the people who are at the root of the bombings, despite their often repeated charge that British foreign policy, American foreign policy is the real reason.

These are the people who believe that death for infidels is fine, and the spread of Islam into the lands of Christendom is a duty and a calling. And the spread shall be by the sword.

Civilized societies cannot put up with that sort of thing. We have to draw the line. We were supposed to have one of those militant clerics from London on the show tonight, but he was a no-show.

And my question to him would have been boiled down to the essentials. Shouldn't the Brits have jailed you a long time ago? I think they should have. Deportation is too good. He'd just preach hate somewhere else. He should be in a slammer. It may violate his rights, but he won't be able to talk some knuckle-headed Islamic kid into blowing people up.

That's the "Talking Points Memo". Apologies to Bill.

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