Let's Play Ball

Now that this stupid baseball strike is over, I can admit I'm so disappointed.

That's because fans had finally started realizing they have been getting the shaft from players and owners for years and fans had started to rise up to say we're not going to take it.

In Anaheim, California last night as fans of the Anaheim Angels decided to tell the players what they thought of a strike by throwing debris onto the field.

Now that's more like it. Instead of adoration, we get derision and truly vicious vitriol.

The players were stunned. They've been on a pedestal so long they didn't know it was possible to be jeered for anything but striking out.

In fact, one of the Anaheim pitchers later was quoted as saying, "I expected our fans would have more class."

This falls into the "he just doesn't get it" department.

Classless is striking when you're making millions.

Classless is asking your fans for more dollars when you're making millions.

Classless is holding baseball history -- the World Series -- hostage to your demands for ever higher stacks of money.

Classless is using the excuse, "I'm only trying to feed my family." Feed them what? Bundles of hundred dollar bills?

OK -- no strike. They're back playing. Whoopee.

They will do it again. They are not playing baseball. They are harvesting cash. For you, my friend, are the field where that cash grows. In other words, they're plowing you now.

That's My Word.

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