Let's Not Forget Nick Berg

The beheading of Nicholas Berg (search) by Islamic fanatics this week ought to show us all what real abuse looks like. This isn't an aberration, an accident, a fluke. This is the official policy of Al Qaeda (search) and all who live by the sword.

There is no human rights, no accountability, no trial, no opportunity to defend one's self in a court of law — an opportunity we will give those Americans accused of abusing Iraqi prisoners.

There is summary judgment and summary execution, all in the name of a corrupt view of God.

Maybe some of the handwringers at this week's Capitol Hill hearings will now wise up. While we worry about the few who may have abused Iraqi prisoners, we should worry more about people like the killers of Nick Berg, who slaughtered him like a farm animal.

These people can never be appeased. They must be eliminated and quickly. The United States and the British should redouble their efforts to locate and neutralize these fanatics before they kill more of us.

Capitol Hill hearings represent a system of accountability unknown in much of the Muslim world. While we believe in the rule of law, they believe they are the law and get to rule. It gives human rights abuses a new definition, doesn't it?

Let's not forget Nick Berg. And let's not forget these inhuman killers who can't stand up and fight like men because they don't have the guts.

And that's Column One for this week.

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