Now that we have a pay czar, let me be the first to expand his duties.

While you're policing pay for the folks the government rescued, feel free to extend it to the folks who did the rescuing: Congress.

Go ahead, as far as I can see you have no legal authority to do what you're doing now, so you might as well do more now.

If you say pay should match performance, apply it to the folks who are constantly changing the rules for that performance.

If you don't pay a lot to executives who lose a lot, how about not paying at all, congressmen and senators who lose a lot more?

If the CEO’s in the red, you take away his jet. How about if the speaker's in the red, you take away hers? If you are going to penalize Wall Street fat cats for losing millions for their clients, why not go after Washington fat cats for losing trillions for their taxpayers?

If company execs have no idea where the money went, so you take away their money, you might as well go after politicians who have no idea where our money went, and make them go away.

All I’m saying is, if you are policing the pay of a banker named Ken for missing a meltdown, police the pay for the congressman named Barney for missing an even bigger meltdown.

You are a czar, after all. Act like it. I've even heard you called a "master of compensation." but I want you to master this: fairness.

The rules that apply to companies that screw workers should apply to politicians who screw tax payers.

Be consistent. Be clear. You lie to your shareholders, you answer to your shareholders. You lie to your constituents, you answer to your constituents. You make stuff up, you pack your stuff up.

Fair is fair. Right is right. Same slope. Just as slippery. So don't slip up. You are knee-deep in this muck. So what the muck are you thinking only some are dirty? And the ones you answer toare not? All I’m saying? Be a czar. Not bizarre.

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