Let Them Drown in Their Oil

Are you tired of being jerked around by a bunch of Middle East dictators who exercise influence only because of their oil? If the United States of America can't free itself from its dependence on these people, Americans don't deserve to be free.

Here's what President Bush (search) should say in a nationwide address: "My fellow Americans, I have decided to forgo a trip to Mars and, instead, ask you to join me in an even greater journey to liberate ourselves from the middle eastern oil dictators.

"Are you sick of them pulling our chain and influencing our policies every time they turn their oil valves? Wouldn't you like to be telling them what they can do with their oil instead of them controlling us by raising prices whenever they get the urge? They use the profits to fund terrorism that kills our young men and women in service and threatens us at home.

"For decades, we and other free nations have sent trillions of dollars to them for their oil. They could have used the profits to build great and free societies, elevate themselves through literacy and rights for women. Instead, too many of them oppress their own people, use the profits to fund terrorist groups around the world and they do it in the name of god. How sick is that?

"I'm calling on Americans to join me in a campaign. It will take a commitment similar to John F. Kennedy's (search) call to go to the moon in the 1960s. It will require new kinds of technology that will burn less oil and it will require conservation. We can do this in a decade or less if we put our minds, our skills and our wills into it.

"The alternative is a less free America and a more dangerous world. Let's take from these international thugs their power to exercise control over the west. I propose a new slogan: 'Let them drown in their oil.'"

Now a speech like that could galvanize the country and give us a sense of purpose and unity we haven't seen since 9/11. I'm willing to walk, ride a bike and drive a hybrid car just to see these dictators drown in their own oil.

Who will join me?

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