Let's tee up a big screaming match about whether a high official of the White House committed a crime by breaching security in a dust-up over terrorists like Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Laden.

No, I'm not talking about Karl Rove (search). I'm talking about Sandy Berger (search) stuffing secrets into his socks so the 9/11 Commission wouldn't be able to see what he and Bill Clinton were really thinking and saying and doing about Usama bin Laden.

Let's see now, what happened when Berger got caught with the secrets in his socks?

Hmmm. Did we hear the Democratic senators and congressmen wailing about breaking national security? No, we did not.

Did we hear them harrumphing about how a White House operative was tanking an official investigation, trying to steer the snoopy voters in another direction, away from the officials' own complacency, or moral turpitude?

Nawww, we didn't hear that.

But we're hearing it now.

Even the sainted Amb. Joe Wilson (search) has now admitted his wife was not in a covert status when Karl Rove explained to a Time magazine reporter it wasn't Dick Cheney who sent Wilson off to Niger, but that it was Wilson's wife. She recommended him, telling her bosses he had loads of contacts in Africa.

So Wilson comes back and says no reason to think Saddam wanted to build a nuke bomb out of Nigerian yellow cake — the uranium you need for a bomb.

Evidently, Bush and Cheney didn't believe him. Neither did the Select Committee investigating pre-war intelligence. They said Wilson was wrong and didn't tell the truth — could you say lied — about who sent him to Africa.

But, oh no, sorry Valerie Plame (search) is a CIA agent with covert status. Can't tell the country she was the one who set her husband up to go tank a report on a key question leading up to the war.

No, no no. She's a spook you see. She only acts like a political hack trying to pull strings on national policy from behind a curtain.

The American people aren't allowed to know who she is when she does something like that. She's covert, don't you know. And Sandy Berger, the guy with the secrets in his socks? He just gets a pass.

Why? They're Dems, as in 'Dems' the wrong guys to blame.

That's My Word.

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