I don't know what to make of these Katie Couric stories. I do know I've heard them before.

"It" people who suddenly aren't "it" and for whom "it" has hit the fan. Because suddenly there are no fans, only critics.

I don't think it's fair. I don't think it's right. I do know it just is.

Katie's just the latest.

There's Al, too — as in Alan Greenspan. Time was Al was America's financial sweetheart. He could do no wrong. Now everyone's saying everything he did "was" wrong.

Al's shocked. He shouldn't be.

Bill Clinton got the same treatment. A rock star in his own party until Democrats found a new rock star and found Bill... well, a pill.

Happens in the business world too.

I can remember when Countrywide's Angelo Mozilo was a visionary in those fancy suits. Now it seems like everyone's itching to see old Angelo in just a simple striped suit.

Or when Bear Stearns' Jimmy Cayne was a rags-to-riches prince. Now, more like a riches-to-rags pariah.

I'm sure any one of these folks would prefer the days they were all that, before it was all a memory. It probably wasn't fair on the upswing and it ain't right on the downswing.

But these swings are the stuff of life and reminders all, that it's wise to be grounded in life.

Because ultimately, it's to the ground we all return.

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