One of the most shocking images of Mid East madness came last week as a young teenager was talked out of his bomb-filled death vest by Israeli soldiers. Where does a 16-year old get the idea for a murderous stunt like that? Apparently from his own teacher.

In an interview, the boy said that his teacher encouraged suicide bombings as quick ticket to paradise: “He told us about the life of pleasure that waits us there: a river of honey, a river of wine and 72 virgins.”

That’s bad enough, but in a conflict where the bar of decency keeps getting lower, a South African man took his six-year old son to an anti-Israel rally dressed as a suicide bomber. Telling a reporter, "Martyrs are heroes... they go to heaven," six-year old Uzair Dockrat was taken by his father Mohammad to Thursday's march in Pretoria, organized to protest Israel’s killing last week of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin.

Mohammad Dockrat, a university lecturer, claims his son decided to wear the jacket on his own, saying: “I don’t think we should make too much of the jacket. As an adult, he will have a better understanding.”

And that’s the Asman Observer.