Lessons in Love

A lot of people have problems with the commercialization around Valentine's Day. I don't. I think it's good we have this day.

I know, we should treat our significant other significantly fondly "every" day. But the fact is, a lot of us don't.

What troubles me is trying to make up for that by buying someone candy or flowers.

Both are fine, but I think my friend Sean Hannity had the best advice on this subject: Just be nice.

Think of yourself less and the other person more.

It's a remarkably consistent theme among a remarkable group of happily married titans profiled in the latest BusinessWeek.

When asked how they keep their relationships healthy, bond giant Bill Gross suggests, "Never stop dating each other."

Turnaround expert Steve Miller says his 40-year marriage has thrived because, "She goes with me whenever my assignments happen."

A similar theme is echoed by Aylwin Lewis, who runs Sears and apparently a happy marriage too: "We've traveled to 75 countries," he tells the magazine. "The trips are what I call 'marriage protection.'"

No rocket science here: Certainly no profound insights on my part. But for my money the best marriages aren't about money. My wife knew me when I didn't have any.

They're about looking after each other, respecting each other and they're about growing old with each other. And not minding a single day, that you're growing old at all.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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