Learning How to Let Go

Silence. No radio blaring. No TV running on and on. The phone doesn't ring as much. The calendar clears. The car stays put.

I've heard it from parents of college (search) age students again and again. This year, I heard it for myself. My daughter's off to school and now it's just me and my wife.

I knew this day was coming but now I want to help those for whom it will come all too soon enough. I've learned some things.

I've learned that it's bad to say as you leave your child on campus, "OK, Schnugems, if there's anything you need just call."

First, because she really hates that nickname “Schnugems.” And second, because she really hates it when it's mentioned in the presence of other kids.

I've learned that it's OK to send an e-mail. But as my wife reminds me, it's not OK for me to send ten e-mails... in one day.

I've learned that phone calls are OK too. But it’s better to let her call once, than me 50 times.

I've learned that old videos of your kids are OK. But watching them around the clock with a tissue box nearby is not.

And I've learned something about time.

It’s time to let her grow and time for me -- for once – to sit back, shut up and simply watch.

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