Two teens learned the folly of shooting a BB gun at an attorney, especially when the lawyer is a longtime rugby player who goes by the nickname "Dr. Death."

Michael J. Breczinski was walking to his car Tuesday night outside a Burton, Mich., mall when he heard a loud pop and felt a sting on his neck.

The 54-year-old turned to see the smirking teens, ages 14 and 15, hiding their hands.

The teens ran when he asked if they shot him with a BB gun, Breczinski told The Flint Journal.

As he gave chase, one of the teens pulled a BB gun and shot at him again. Pellets pinged him in the arms and torso, but Breczinski tackled the teen in a parking lot.

The youth got away from the lawyer's grasp, but both teens were later arrested by police in a nearby restaurant. They are expected to face felonious assault charges.

A pair of BB guns were found in the woods near the mall, about 50 miles northwest of Detroit. Police also found the teens had CO2 cartridges used in BB guns and $30 in candy that police believe may have been stolen.

Breczinski had to get a tetanus shot for the pellet wounds, but said it was the teens who got off lucky. He had taken target practice earlier Tuesday and decided not to carry his .45-caliber Ruger to the mall, he told the newspaper.

He said there was no guarantee he would have known the teen had pulled only a BB gun.

"I think God was looking out for them and me," Breczinski said.