Law Would Require Cars to Stop When National Anthem is Played in Thailand

Millions of drivers in Thailand would have to stop in their cars when the minute-long national anthem is played twice a day, if a new law is passed.

But it is feared that such a move would cause chaos on the roads.

The Flag Bill is aimed at boosting patriotism in the country and is being put forward by a group of retired and current generals.

Supporters say traffic should stop nationwide when the anthem is played during the raising and lowering of the flag "to preserve tradition and instill patriotism in Thais."

Retired General and NLA member Pricha Rochanasena, 70, said: "The national anthem lasts only one minute and eight seconds.

"So why can't motorists stop their cars for the sake of the country?

"They already spend more time in traffic jams anyway."

But a vote on the Bill in the capital Bangkok has been deferred to allow a committee to see whether it would work in practice.

Politician Wallop Tangkananurak, who is opposed to the proposal, said: "It would be chaotic if the bill had passed as it is now."

"So the National Legislative Assembly decided to set up a panel to review it."