Latest Technology in the Fight Against Cellulite

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With summer around the corner, 52-year-old Susan Egan reflected on what she’s done over the years to get rid of the cellulite on her legs.

“I have tried massages and creams but I never got any results from those,” she told

When it comes to battling cellulite, women like Egan will look for anything to destroy those lumps and bumps. But to really get rid of this unsightly problem, technology may be the better solution.

“If you understand cellulite, you understand that it’s not curable,” said cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Patricia Wexler. “But you can get significant results that can have long term results and that’s new.”

Wexler uses a new treatment called Smooth Shapes.

Click here to watch a video on Smooth Shapes and other cellulite technology.

“This new device has dynamic light, laser, rollers, and a vacuum, all in one,” she said.

Wexler demonstrated the device for She explained that it helps to open up the fat cells and liquefy them while increasing circulation, and improving the tone and texture of the skin.

“You’re actually going go see changes in the skin that are going to last after your treatment for at least six months and we’re testing for (results that will last) even longer,” she said.

The procedure is working for Wexler’s 45-year-old patient Cindy Owning. “They're already looking better,” Owning said. “I’m hoping that in a couple of months I'll just be golden.”

But this system is not the only solution in battling cellulite.

Manhattan-based cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Yan Trokel is using two new treatments, including the Accent Laser, which uses radio frequency technology.

“Now what happens is these radio frequency waves they affect different areas of the tissues,” Trokel said. “This system also helps to improve the quality of the skin, making it smoother and tighter.

Trokel is also using Carboxy Therapy, which helps patients with more stubborn cellulite.

For this procedure, Trokel injects CO-2 into the patient’s thigh, which tricks the body into believing it needs more oxygen. This results in new blood vessels forming to improve poor circulation and will fight cellulite.