Latest Poll Results

And now the most telling two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

Dean Across America

While he's surged to the lead in key states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean (search) has never led nationwide ... until now. According to a new Gallup poll, 25 percent of registered Democrats across the country support Dean, compared with 17 percent who support retired General Wesley Clark. Clark had topped every national Gallup poll since he entered the race in September, but while his popularity has steadily declined, Dean's has nearly doubled.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, considered the early frontrunner at the start of the race, finished sixth in the poll with 7 percent of Democrats saying they'd be most likely to support him.

Foul Mouthed Fundraising

In the wake of Kerry's expletive-laced interview in Rolling Stone Magazine (search), there was a torrent of foul language in the warm-up acts for that Howard Dean fundraiser last night in New York. Prior to Dean's entrance, anti-war comedian Jeanine Garofalo (search) called the Medicare bill signed by President Bush this week the -- "'you can go "F---" yourself, grandma' bill," while comedian Judy Gold (search) called the president himself a -- "piece of living, breathing s---." Upon taking the stage, Dean said -- "some language that was used - I think it's wrong."

Saddam's Slaughter

A new Gallup survey out of Baghdad reveals that Saddam Hussein's regime may have executed as many as 61,000 people in that city. Six point six percent of Baghdad residents surveyed claimed that a member of their household had been murdered by the deposed dictator's government. While the new figure tops previous estimates, it's still significantly lower than the 180,000 Northern Kurds believed to have been purged by Saddam before the first Gulf War, and just surpasses the 60,000 killed in the violent suppression of a Shiite uprising after that war.

Radio Ranting?

A Minneapolis radio talk show host has quit his job after just two days, claiming his bosses tried to turn the show into a -- "infomercial for the Democratic Party." Comedian Jeff Gerbino says his boss, former Democratic congressional candidate Janet Robert, forced him to feature left-leaning guests, and criticized him for failing to lavish praise upon Sen. Mark Dayton and Rep. Jim Oberstar when those lawmakers, both Democrats, were on the show. Robert says the show has no political leanings, but also admits to featuring only one Republican guest.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report