Bill Clinton's (search) book tour has resurrected fond memories of the good ol' days for late-night TV comics.

So far this month, the former president has been the butt of more jokes on the late-night shows than President Bush (search) and Democratic foe John Kerry (search) combined, according to the Center for Media and Public Affairs.

The count, through Wednesday night: 92 Clinton jokes, 64 Bush jokes and 26 for Kerry. In a family bonus, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was the subject of seven jokes.

"Clinton is the ultimate crossover target," said Matthew Felling, a spokesman for the center. "His material works with both Newsweek and Maxim readers."

David Letterman on CBS' "Late Show" took note of Clinton's portrait being unveiled at the White House.

"There's trouble," he said. "Clinton's portrait was hitting on the Dolly Madison portrait."

NBC's Conan O'Brien said Clinton had been calling up friends and reading them passages of his autobiography before it was printed.

"Friends say every chapter begins, `There once was a gal from Nantucket,'" O'Brien said.