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JULIE BANDERAS, GUEST HOST: "The Big Story" on island paradise today: He wasn't killed by someone and he didn't kill himself. Investigators in the Bahamas have ruled out both suicide and homicide in the mysterious death of Anna Nicole Smith's son after two autopsies. The island's chief magistrate now says next month's scheduled inquiry into the death may not be necessary. Toxicology tests are still pending.

That news comes as final photos are released of Daniel Smith meeting his newborn sister hours before his life came to a tragic end. These brand new pictures were obtained by In Touch Weekly. A senior editor at that magazine, Jarett Wieselman, is with me now.

And those pictures are so touching and now that we’re getting word there was no homicide nor suicide, maybe people will start to have sympathy for this family. Often many were coming out criticizing them.

JARETT WIESELMAN, IN TOUCH WEEKLY: Most definitely. I think these photos cast Anna Nicole Smith in a light we are not used to seeing her in. I mean, this is every mother's worst nightmare. I think people really are sympathizing with her, and I think that was one of the reasons we felt it necessary to go forward with these photos.

BANDERAS: Why do you think it is that some of the facts as to how Daniel Smith died didn't come out until later? No. 1, the fact that he apparently had fallen asleep after holding or playing with his baby sister...


BANDERAS: ... and then woke up to vomiting and coughing up blood. Those facts didn't come out right away, just that he died there in her hospital room.

WIESELMAN: Well, I think you are dealing with an isolated incident where there were so few people in the room, so there was a lot of speculation going on. And when you're in a place like the Bahamas, it's not as readily accessible as somewhere in the United States, be it California, where Anna Nicole lives.


WIESELMAN: So I think those factors definitely contributed to the confusion early on.

BANDERAS: OK, and let's see, the Bahamian coroner originally had filed for this formal inquest to happen on October 23. That's when they were ruling his death suspicious. Now Dr. Cyril Wecht is saying that he doesn't believe it is a homicide or suicide. So does this that mean the inquiry's off?

WIESELMAN: Well, it does mean that Anna Nicole Smith probably has a little more time before she has to go in front of the trial. She is as of right now still scheduled to talk on October 23 to the police. But, you know, as we have discovered, he was taking a combination of anti-depressants and sleeping pills. And it was the accidental combination of these two things that they believe led to his unfortunate death.

BANDERAS: What was the story about him taking these anti-depressant pills, because of an ex-girlfriend, of a broken heart.

WIESELMAN: Well, there's a lot of stories, you know. Some people say that he was taking them because of an ex-girlfriend, some were saying because he didn't really know what he wanted to do career-wise. In Touch found out that eight weeks prior to his death, he voluntarily entered a rehab center, a private hospital in California. When he left, he was given these two prescriptions.

BANDERAS: OK, well thank you so much. And of course, In Touch is on newsstands now, so you got to check out these exclusive pictures. We want to thank Jarett Wieselman for joining us here. Thank you so much, Jarett.

WIESELMAN: Thank you.

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