Lantana, Sidewalks of New York and Vanilla Sky

Lantana, Sidewalks of New York and Vanilla Sky in the DVD shine of The Foxlight.

Not enough people saw the great little film Lantana when it debuted on the big screen, but I'm sure word-of-mouth will boost this to cult favorite status. It's a career-making role for Anthony LaPaglia if enough of the right people see it. Shot in Australia, it's a clever look at love, deception and consequences. The whole thing has a dreamy quality. And Barbara Hershey gives her best performance since Hannah and Her Sisters. Trust me on this one.

Speaking of Woody Allen, remember his earlier funny movies? Ed Burn's Sidewalks of New York plays like a jokier Husbands and Wives. Different relationships evolve around several couples Stanley Tucci is great as the requisite cheating dentist. And Dennis Farina deserves some kind of award for slimeball of the year.

Finally, will Vanilla Sky make any more sense on the small screen? I doubt it. But it could be unintentionally amusing if there's a director's commentary track. Maybe listening to Cameron Crowe explain it will help us all. Then again, I doubt it.