Lance Armstrong: I Wasn't a 'Sex Champion'

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Lance Armstrong was not a "sex champion" in his Tour de France days, he tells the October issue of Men's Journal magazine, but he "never got any complaints."

"I had sex if I had the energy. I wasn't one of those guys who believed in the myths about the guy losing his chi," says the seven-time Tour de France champion. "But the fact is that if you are riding your bike five, six, seven hours a day, you are not a sex champion. You're just not. You have fatigue, low testosterone, and a lower libido. But you know, I never got any complaints."

Armstrong also denies dating Ashley Olsen and dishes a bit about his ex-girlfriends, from Kate Hudson to designer Tory Burch to former fiancee Sheryl Crow.

"I'm a 36-year-old single guy who is completely open and honest with every woman in my life," says Armstrong. "As long as you're honest, and no one's getting played or let down, then you're being fair."

Armstrong didn't want to answer questions about Hudson, whom he dated for a few months.

"I made a mistake to let the public into my relationship with Sheryl, even though it didn't feel like a mistake at the time," he says. "It put a lot of pressure on the relationship, and I will never do it again."

He does, however, believe in supporting the women in his life.

"When Tory had a show, I would go to the show; when Sheryl had a concert, I'd go to the concert; and if — uh — a new lady has a premiere, I might go to the premiere. I'm there as a supportive partner, that's my role. But sitting down and doing a bunch of photos, like I did with Sheryl, is just wrong, and I won't do that again."