Lack of Moral Leadership

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Losing moral authority, that is the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

Religion is a dicey matter all over the world. Just this week, almost 1,000 people were killed in India as Muslims battled Hindus there. In the Middle East, it is more about land than religion, but Islam is playing a key role in terror the world over.

And in the USA, the powerful Roman Catholic Church is under siege for protecting child molesters.

By its very definition, religion is a spiritual entity. It is designed to bring humility to human beings. At the center of most religions is a power much greater than man. But when any religion begins to encourage violence or tolerate aberrant behavior, it loses its mandate and becomes not only destructive but dangerous as well.

In Egypt, two powerful Muslim clerics have condoned the killing of Israeli civilians in the name of Allah. No longer is Islam being perverted by psychopaths by bin Laden, it is now mainstream Islamic mullahs who are calling for atrocities to be committed.

This, of course, is intolerable. Many Americans have long suspected that some in the Muslim world are so fanatical they believe murder is acceptable in the name of their religion. Does anyone doubt the ayatollahs of Iran would not kill Americans if they thought they could get away with it? Does anyone doubt that in the name of Allah, Saddam Hussein would target American civilians if he could?

So what we have brewing is a worldwide danger that is faith-based. Very scary.

On the home front, the 63 million American Catholics are staring at a scenario that is almost unthinkable. The leaders of the church in Rome have refused to take any action against cardinals and bishops who allow child molesters to roam undeterred.

Just today, the papacy announced that all American cardinals have been ordered to Rome next week for, quote, "discussions," unquote. Cardinal Law of Boston did not even say mass on Sunday because his position is so weak. I can't imagine attending any mass said by that man. How can he preach about morality when he refuses to accept responsibility for the crimes against children that he allowed to happen?

So what we have right now in America is a Catholic Church without moral leadership. The faith will always be strong and humanistic, but the man-managed institution is in dire peril.

Same is true with worldwide Islam. Unless a leader emerges that will condemn murder and work for peace, that institution is without credibility.

It is almost unbelievable that two of the world's most influential religions have descended to this state.

Once again, all tarnished leaders of the Catholic Church must resign immediately, and all mullahs who condone terrorism must be replaced. Those things do not happen, the institutions of Islam and Catholicism will remain tainted and morally adrift.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

FOX News has changed its terminology when describing people who kill others, while blowing themselves up.

We in the rest of the media call them suicide bombers. Now we've changed that. And a few others have as well. We're calling them homicide bombers.


Only if you're a terrorist.

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