LA Times Claims Are Not Horseplay

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LA Times Claims Are Not Horseplay

In a front-page story today, the Los Angeles Times claims U.S. and allied intelligence agencies have, "launched a major effort" to determine if Saddam Hussein (search) may have sent out bogus defectors to mislead the west about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. The report does not explain how it would have helped Saddam to plant information indicating he had weapons of mass destruction when he was telling the world he did not. It does speculate he might have been trying to bluff his enemies, boost his prestige in the Arab world, or throw off the U.N. One intelligence official responded to the story with two words, one of which was total and the other cannot be repeated, except for its first syllable, which is "horse." The CIA, meanwhile called the story "overwritten and overstated" but acknowledged that not all of the information it got from defectors panned out.

Money Mag-net

A recently unearthed copy of Oui magazine…in which a 30-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) explicitly talks about his hooker friends, his male anatomy and his sexual exploits…is, as of right now, fetching $325 on Ebay, up from just $4.99 on Tuesday. In the 1977 interview, Schwarzenegger described one instance at an L.A. gym in which a woman voluntarily got naked and, "everybody jumped on her and took her upstairs, where we all got together." He also divulged his secret bodybuilding recipe…protein drinks and whiskey…and said he used marijuana and hash, but, "no hard drugs." Twenty-six years later and vying to become California's next governor, Schwarzenegger acknowledges, "I haven't lived my life to be a politician."

Social Security?

A consumer advocacy group says  it has, through the Internet, been able to buy the social security numbers and home addresses of CIA Director George Tenet (search), Attorney General John Ashcroft (search), White House Chief Political Advisor Karl Rove (search) and other top Bush administration officials. The California-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights says it paid $26 per person. And, the foundation says, this shows the need for stronger privacy protections.

— FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report