KKK Robe Sent to Memphis Councilman

City Councilman Edmund Ford received a package containing a white Ku Klux Klan robe, and the council chairman wants police to investigate.

Ford received the package by special delivery Friday. He said he didn't want to dignify it with a response.

Ford, who is black, accused at least some of his fellow council members of racism Tuesday, saying, "Sometimes you might just have to get a white sheet."

The KKK robe came with a letter addressed to Ford that began: "Mr. Ford I believe you are in desperate need of a white sheet, so I took it upon myself to gift you with your very own bigot robe."

The letter said some of the robe's special insignia was added just for Ford. "You will see the yellow bands on the sleeves. The yellow symbolizes cowardice."

The author also described a patch on the robe that says "guilty" and goes on to write, "you Mr. Ford are guilty of the very bigotry and racial hatred that you accuse others of."

Council Chairman Tom Marshall thinks police should look into the matter. He also said he doesn't want the incident to re-ignite the strife among council members, instead hoping it will unify the group.

"I suspect that it was a joke, but in any case, it was a hateful joke and that's a joke that's not funny to me," Marshall said.