Killed Deliveryman Had Note Instructing Him Where to Go After Robbery

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A note found with a pizza deliveryman (search) who was killed by a bomb after robbing a bank instructed him to go to three locations after the crime, a law enforcement official said.

The Associated Press source, speaking on condition of anonymity, would not confirm a report that the note said Brian Douglas Wells (search) could find instructions at those locations on how to disarm the explosive that had been locked to his body.

The report appeared in Friday's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, which cited a law enforcement official it did not name.

The note apparently was used during the Aug. 28 robbery and also contained instructions for bank employees. Authorities had considered releasing details about it Thursday but canceled a planned news conference.

Information about a second weapon found with Wells -- which some investigators have reportedly likened to a cane that could fire a projectile -- was another possible topic of the canceled news conference.

FBI agent Bill Crowley said officials decided releasing the information about the note and second weapon wasn't worth the time it would take.

Wells was arrested shortly after robbing the PNC Bank (search) branch outside Erie. The unassuming 46-year-old deliveryman told police he was forced to commit the crime and that a bomb that was clasped to his chest by a heavy metal collar was about to go off. He asked authorities for help minutes before the deadly explosion.

Investigators were still trying to determine whether Wells willingly robbed the bank.

Crowley said agents are still analyzing the note and developing profiles of Wells or anyone else who may have been involved.

One FBI official described the second weapon as a "sort of gun," but authorities have refused to openly discuss it or its design.