Khomeini's Grandson Agrees With Iraq's Liberation

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Ayatollah Khomeini (search). Remember him — the Iranian leader who introduced us to radical Islam. You might not expect the Ayatollah's family to be on our side in the war on terror. But right after the fall of Saddam, the Ayatollah's grandson left Iran to visit newly liberated Iraq.

Here are his remarkable impressions: "We consider [Iraq's liberation] as the arrival of goodness, and I hope the American people understand this," Sayyid Hussein Khomeini told the Wall Street Journal last week. "Iraqis want the Americans to stay."

As for the protests we hear from Muslim governments, Mr. Khomeini reminds us that Arab governments don't always represent Arab people: "All of our neighbors are dictatorships…they do not like a democracy in the heart of the Mideast."

Mr. Khomeini even throws light on the true intentions of some questionable allies: "Europe," he says, "is now calling for democracy, but it is helping the dictatorships in the area." When the grandson of the Ayatollah Khomeini is saying such things, Muslim dictators and their allies should be afraid — very afraid.

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