KFC in Japan Pulls Cabbage After Glass Found in Cole Slaw

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Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan pulled four cabbage products from 228 stores in Tokyo and neighboring areas after two customers damaged their teeth on glass found in their cole slaw, the company said Friday.

KFC received the complaints Thursday, the company said in a statement. One customer, a man, said he chipped his tooth on the glass, and the other, a woman, said she lost a filling, company spokesman Kiyotaka Mura said.

An internal investigation has determined that the glass came from a thermometer that broke earlier this week in a refrigerator for cut cabbage at a factory near Tokyo, the statement said.

As a precaution, the company halted sales of cole slaw, a salad and two types of sandwiches at some of its stores in the Tokyo area, as well as in 10 neighboring prefectures, it said.

No other complaints had been received as of Friday morning, KFC said. The company apologized and pledged to step up its quality control procedures to prevent a recurrence.