Kerry's Foreign Affair

How's this for a campaign pitch: The French love me.

If I'm hearing the John Kerry (search) folks correctly -- including his foreign policy adviser, Richard Holbrooke – that’s the draw: Europeans think he's great.

I think John Kerry has a lot of things to boast about. French support shouldn't be one of them. Last time I checked the guy's running for president of "this" country.

Frankly, there are many times when other countries don't like us. They didn't like Woodrow Wilson when he was pushing for a League of Nations. Now they worship at the altar of the United Nations.

They didn't trust Harry Truman when he took over from Franklin Roosevelt.

And they didn't like Ronald Reagan when he was bemoaning an evil empire.

Let's just say their track record isn't great. So why should we care if they don't think we're great, or our leaders are great?

You know, there's a lot we do wrong in this country. Fretting what other countries think of us shouldn't be one of them.

The French don't vote for our president. Or the Germans. Or the Swiss. We vote for our president.

I don't doubt for a minute that some of their leaders are secretly telling Senator Kerry, "You're our guy."

All I'm saying is you're our Democratic candidate for president, not theirs.

Act like it.

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