Katie Couric Mania

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We have a busy week this week. Besides handling all the news that may break this week, we have a planned trip — with our cameras, of course — to do a NASCAR story. I am not sure when we will show you the tape from our NASCAR trip but I will keep you posted. We are promised by NASCAR much behind-the-scenes access so you will see things that you might not otherwise get to see. The whole point of our trip is to show you things you don't otherwise get to see.

Tonight our show airs from New York City. I am in NYC to work on a special that will air in a few weeks and it is easier to stay the night (and do the show from NYC) rather than try and race back to Washington, D.C., to do the show from there. Plus, if you have flown in and out of N.Y.'s LaGuardia Airport, you know that you can have an on-time departure (pulling away from the Jetway at the scheduled departure time) and then get to the runway where the pilot announces, "We are 51 for take off." That, of course, means a very delayed flight. LaGuardia gets very backed up (plus add in a few lucky thunderstorms and your schedule is really cooked). I would rather not sit on a plane and get agitated about whether I am going to make the show or not. I prefer to stay in NYC, work on the show from the N.Y. newsroom (not by BlackBerry on the tarmac) and fly back tomorrow. Live TV can be chaotic enough. I don't need to try and work into the chaos some more confusion when it can be avoided.

OK, I admit I have been officially sucked into the Katie Couric mania, and I am anxious to see her first night as anchor of the CBS Network nightly news. Unless you have been living in a cave, you know tonight is the night.

I intend to root for her success, but not at the expense of Charlie Gibson or Brian Williams since I like both of their work, too. (I don't know Brian Williams but Charlie has always been very nice to me.) My view is that there is enough room for all of them to be successful. There are tens of millions of viewers out there — plenty to go around for each of these three network anchors! (In fact, I would be happy if they would send some more our cable way.)

I would like to see a woman succeed at the network nightly news. It IS about time. Katie Couric should be cheered by women for having busted through more than one glass ceiling. It helps all women when one makes that first break. Yes, the pay is high, but if the men get paid this, why not a woman?

I have the impression that people have been a bit catty towards Katie Couric this summer — almost wishing she would fail rather than succeed. I think everyone should give her a chance. Judge her work, and wait to judge her work until after you have actually seen it. This new job is different from her old job and so she has a challenge. Incidentally, it takes a few weeks or months to get acclimated to a new TV job so you might want to hold your guns until some time has passed and she has had a chance to sink or swim.

Now for an update... and a sad one. I have posted below an AP story about Casey Crowder. We did a segment on missing high school senior Casey last week. Her body has been found. (For details, see below.)

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

This has to be the height of arrogance! Since when did you get to be a crime scene investigator? Do you think you can do a better job than Dr. Henry Lee in solving George Smith's death? Where next... to Holland to show them how to solve Natalie (sic) Holloway's death? Your presence in Aruba was a bust.
Ms. Woody V. Thomas
Gainesville, TX

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta,
I do think that Warren Jeffs needs to be prosecuted. He is a pimp for pedophiles, a pedophile himself and belongs in prison. He can call it arranged marriages but it's child molestation. Jeffs and the men he gave these young girls to for marriage should all be prosecuted and put in jail and have to register like any other sex offender.
The police in these towns who are reported church supporters, who find these young girls and bring them back, should also be arrested for aiding these pedophiles. Why the government doesn't go into these cities and clean house is a mystery to me.
I do not believe in polygamy myself and have no desire to share my husband with any other woman. If a woman, who has not been brainwashed by being born into polygamy, decides that is how she wants to live her life, then I guess that is her choice. Polygamy is against the law no matter how she might feel.
Barb Christianson
Grand Junction, CO

E-mail No. 3

Having read your blog this evening I am confused over the response of Americans regarding the victims of Katrina in New Orleans. Comments of being sick and tired of hearing about Katrina victims' troubles are beyond comprehension. I am absolutely amazed by these individuals. With that being said I have one question: What is the mayor of New Orleans still doing in office and what has he done in the past year? He is obviously incapable of managing a historic American City. His comment in the past week regarding the World Trade Center in relation to his ability to deal with Katrina was interesting. Go after this guy! Lives are dependent on his abilities, and he has no ability to do this job. I believe in state domain and powers, so I don’t expect the federal government to step in, but this is beyond understanding. Is it because he is African-American that no one wants to criticize this mayor? Who cares what color he is? He hasn’t gotten the job done. When is someone going to stand up to this mayor and his record? Thank you for such a wonderful job on your reports. Best of luck.
G. Blasco
Lincolnshire, IL

Finally, here's an update on missing teenager Casey Crowder:

Parents asking public to help criminal investigators

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