Kansas City's Catholic Leaders Object to Traveling Bodies Revealed Display

Catholic leaders in the Kansas City area are the latest church officials to take sides on popular museum displays touring the country that feature donated human bodies, MyFOXKC.com reports.

The bodies in Bodies Revealed are plastinated, then cut open to show how things are put together and how they work. The exhibit opens Friday at Kansas City's Union Station, but despite its billing as an educational opportunity, local bishops have ruled it off limits for Catholic school children on field trips, according to MyFOXKC.com.

"The bodies of the dead deserve respect and charity, preserving the God-given dignity of the human person," the church leaders said in a statement.

Sarah Biles from Union Station told MyFOXKC.com that she respects the church's position, but plenty of schools around the region have already signed up for the exhibition.

Other Catholic leaders have come out on opposite sides of the debate.

The archbishop of Cincinnati recently objected to field trips to a similar show in that city called “Bodies: The Exhibition” because of news reports that those bodies were not willingly donated, according to the Kansas City Star, but the Diocese of Pittsburgh, on the other hand, approved of “Bodies: The Exhibition” last year, saying it had clear educational benefits.

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