Kansas City Airport Closed Due to Snow Storm

A storm has buried parts of Kansas in more than two feet of snow and knocked out power to at least 17,000 homes and businesses.

A mix of freezing rain and snow has forced officials to close the Kansas City International Airport, canceling and delaying dozens of flights.

Airport officials closed the airport shortly before 2 p.m. Saturday.

They said their field maintenance crews couldn't keep up with waves of freezing rain and snow that began moving into the area Saturday morning and that conditions were too slick for aircraft to operate safely.

Officials said they hoped to reopen at least some runways later Saturday and asked passengers to check the airport's Web site, www.flykci.com for updates on the status of flights.

The same storm also dumped heavy snow on parts of Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle.

The National Weather Service said the heaviest snow in Kansas by Saturday morning was 28 inches around the Pratt area.

Other areas of Kansas reported snow drifts up to six feet high.

Some areas are dealing with freezing rain that has coated power lines and trees with ice up to an inch thick. The Kansas Adjutant General's Office said 17,000 customers are without power.

Texas officials say some highways may be closed until afternoon because of the heavy snow.